Download all the printed materials that the strategy has developed to promote star tourism in our region. If you are planning to visit some of the celestial viewpoints, and more specifically those of El Anillo, Cáparra or La Cocosa, it is important to know that, given the uniqueness of their location, visits to them are by appointment or with specific indications. More information at: in each of the aforementioned Celestial Star Viewpoints..


Nocturlabio of Extremadura buenas noches

Access the key to knowledge and reflection that will make you appreciate and value the starry skies of Extremadura without the need to use telescopes or binoculars.


Archaeoastronomy of Extremadura

A guide that shows us aspects such as power, death or the afterlife and their relationship with astronomy in the cultures that have inhabited the present-day Extremadura throughout history.


Solar and Astral Figures in the rock art of Ext.

A guide that shows the close relationship that, for thousands of years, has existed between human beings and the night sky. Beliefs, longings, the awareness of our existence...

Relojes de Sol de Extremadura, publicación dentro de la estrategia Extremadura, buenas noches.

Sundials of Extremadura

Many believed that sundials would disappear with the advent of mechanical clocks, but they are still preserved today in many towns and cities and continue to fulfil their function.


AstroTourism Guide of Cáceres Province

Tools and explanations that will help you to enjoy the observation of the starry night skies wherever you are, but especially from the province of Cáceres.


Astroexperiences Across Borders

A catalogue of astro-experiences to enjoy the starry skies as never before from a cross-border territory united by the Great Alqueva Lake.


Birding in the celestial viewpoints of Extrem.

A fundamental notebook full of descriptions, spectacular illustrations and texts and videos by the expert Pepe Guisado, better known as "Pajarisiaco".


...Aim further (EBN)

More than a book, more than an exhibition, it is the reflection of a passion for astrophotography of two young people from Extremadura. When you aim further when you have attitude... anything is possible.

Roso de Luna. KinetHorizon. Extremadura, buenas noches

KinetHorizon. Moon Roso

Updated version of the fabulous astronomy instrument invented by Roso de Luna with which we will know the time of rising, passing through the meridian and setting of the stars.


The sky of Extremadura (essential)

A publication coordinated by Lorenzo Cordero that is an extraordinary proposal to get to know the full potential of Extremadura and its star-studded nights. You will learn how to observe the sky, discover the Moon or the Sun, the constellations...

Mirador celeste de Logrosán. Mirador Roso de Luna

Sky viewpoint "Roso de Luna". Logrosán

Located on the Cerro de San Cristóbal, in the town of Logrosán, this viewpoint connects and continues the astronomical tradition of the illustrious Roso de Luna and his famous KinetHórizon instrument.


Skies of Extremadura: _spring_summer

A brief guide to basic astronomy for observing the skies of Extremadura framed in the spring and summer seasons and with spectacular images. The universe in your pocket.


Viewpoints and Celestial Trails

Located in privileged enclaves, the Network of Celestial Viewpoints helps us to interpret the night sky and to promote sustainable tourism based on knowledge and innovation.


Night Trails: Fuentes de León

A journey through our history in the middle of nature where, in addition to observing the immensity of the universe, we can enjoy the aromas and sounds that only the night makes perceptible.


Night Trails: Galizuela

Galizuela (Esparragosa de Lares) is part of the Network of Night Trails and Celestial Viewpoints. With its unusual shape, you can enjoy a "magical" natural spectacle.


Astroexperiences in the province of Cáceres

An extensive catalogue with more than 28 astro-experiences in the province of Cáceres. Discover the perfect combination of water, land and sky in a privileged environment, full of new experiences and sensations.


Viewpoint "Hospedería de Monfragüe".

The Celestial Viewpoint of the Hospedería de Monfragüe is located inside the National Park, a privileged place for the observation and enjoyment of an impressive night sky.


Viewpoint "Centro Innovación Deportiva El Anillo".

Two celestial viewpoints located in the town of Guijo de Granadilla, in the middle of the Centro de Innovación Deportiva en el Medio Natural "El Anillo", an incredible place of reference.


Celeste de Olivenza Viewpoint

In the Embarcadero de Villarreal de Olivenza, we find a spectacular viewpoint where the nights become a shared experience between Extremadura and Portugal.


La Siberia Celestial Viewpoint

Located in the beautiful natural landscape near the Cijara reservoir, a privileged place for observing the night sky, it has 2 star maps, one for summer nights and the other for autumn nights.

Piornal. Miradores que interpretan las estrellas

Celeste de Piornal Viewpoint

Located in the town of Piornal (Jerte), it is an idyllic place for observing the night sky; the viewpoint has two star maps, one for summer nights and the other for autumn nights. 


Castuera viewpoint

Located in the local sports facilities, the viewpoint has 2 integrated maps for summer and spring nights, and is an amazing place for night observation.


Celeste viewpoint in Perales del Puerto (Gata)

This viewpoint can be found in Perales del Puerto, in the Sierra de Gata, from where you can observe the night sky in an incredible way.


Celestial viewpoint of Hornachos

Located in Hornachos, the viewpoint has 2 integrated star maps to interpret the spring and summer nights. A spectacular location.


Celeste Viewpoint of Arroyo de la Luz

Located in the town of Arroyo de la Luz, it is an idyllic place for observing the night sky; the viewpoint has 2 star maps, one for summer nights and the other for autumn nights.


La Cocosa" Celestial Viewpoint

Located on the premises of the "La Cocosa" Sustainability and Environmental Education Training Centre, the viewpoint has 2 integrated maps for spring and winter nights.


Montánchez viewpoint

This viewpoint is located in the Castle of Montánchez, nestled on the top of the village and from where you can observe the night sky in a spectacular way.


Celestial Viewpoint of the Southern Countryside

Located in the Alcazaba de Reina, a spectacular place for night observation, the Mirador has 2 integrated star charts to interpret the spring and summer nights.


Celeste Viewpoint La Roca de la Sierra

This viewpoint is located in the Dehesa Boyal in La Roca de la Sierra, near the Pradera de San Isidro, where you can see an impressive night sky.


Galizuela - Esparragosa de Lares

This Celeste Viewpoint, located in the Sierra de Lares, on the La Serena reservoir, is a spectacular place where the night takes on a "magical" sense given the mysterious mountainous profile.


Celestial viewpoint of Cáparra

Located in the Roman ruins of Cáparra, next to the Interpretation Centre, this viewpoint is a unique proposal, where history and astronomy come together, giving meaning to experiential tourism.


Celeste de Granadilla Viewpoint

Outside the walled enclosure of Granadilla we find a spectacular Celestial Viewpoint from where we can enjoy an incredible night sky as well as a spectacular place.


Celeste Garciaz Viewpoint

This viewpoint is located in Garciaz, a privileged place for observing an impressive night sky.


Viewpoint of Fuentes de León

The Mirador Celeste de Fuentes de León is located in a spectacular place where you can also enjoy its nocturnal trails.


Celeste de Alconchel viewpoint

Located in the vicinity of Alconchel Castle, a privileged place to observe and enjoy the impressive night sky..


Celestial viewpoint of La Garganta

Located in the town of La Garganta, an incredible place to observe and enjoy the night sky. It has two integrated star maps.