I+D+i ans Design come together to promote a sustainable and healthy way to enjoy some of the best attractions of our region.




Our planet’s night is not completely dark; it is naturally illuminated by the starlight, the atmosphere, the zodiacal light and the moon, creating a magnificent variety of nightscapes.

The Night Trails, integrated into the "Extremadura buenas noches", initiative turn the spotlight on our skies and our heritage through the natural luminescence that comes with the night.Almost magically illuminated Night Trails offer a sustainable and healthy way to explore our region’s excellent points of interest.

senderos nocturnos de extremadura, buenas noches



A journey through our history in the midst of nature to observe the vastness of the universe and take in the aromas and sounds that can only be discovered during the night. To explore the places where our ancestors performed their worship of the sun, the moon, and the stars or used astronomy to measure time and plant their crops.

ACTIVE NIGHT TRAILS: Fuentes de León;  Cerro de Masatrigo;  Dehesa de "La Roca de la Sierra";  Guadisa (Cijara, La Siberia); sendero "Buenas noches, Miraflores" (Alconchel)


Promoted by the Regional Government of Extremadura since 2001, the Fuentes de León Caves and their surroundings have become one of the leading destinations for cultural and environmental tourism in Extremadura.



The Fuentes de León Caves are protected as a natural monument and stretch for over 1,000 hectares, where landscape and history come together in one of the best-preserved natural spaces of the region. Part of our cultural heritage, this site is composed of an impressive set of Palaeolithic caves that are among the best representatives of prehistory and palaeontology of the Iberian Peninsula.

In this practically unaltered ecosystem, the night takes on a new meaning. Under the starry, dark and clear night skies, walking, observing, and discovering, becomes an extraordinary sensory experience, whether alone or accompanied, even with children.

In this incredible natural environment, you will find two absolutely gratifying and stimulating trails. “From the Sky to the Earth” trail, dyou will be guided through different nearby caves such as Cueva de Los Postes (Cave of the Posts), Cueva de Los Caballos (Cave of the Horses) and Cueva Masero, and see a fascinating open-air display of rocks on the way, apart from several interpretation panels about the entire area and the night sky observatory. “Cueva del Agua” trail it runs parallel to the Rivera de Montemayor (river) and ends at the largest of the Fuentes de León caves, the Cueva del Agua (Cave of Water), a karst temple occupied by a lake that extends to a length of 200 metres.


In the reservoir of the Serena in Galizuela-Esparragosa de Lares, an unusual formation emerges from the water, known as Cerro de Masatrigo. This remarkably uniform hill stands 400 metres tall and tends to hold the visitors spellbound with its dramatic shape.



This “Magic Mountain” is reminiscent of a conical pyramid erected by an ancient, forgotten civilisation or an alien race in the distant past.

Like a whim of nature, this spectacular form stands out in the panorama under the starry night sky of Galizuela and attracts hundreds of tourists each year.

Located in the western part of La Siberia in Extremadura, this reservoir is part of others that make up an extraordinary “inland sea”, occupying the longest part of Spain’s freshwater coastline.

This landscape is known as “La Serena Esteparia”, an ecosystem that brings together numerous varieties of birds to be observed throughout the year, especially in autumn and spring.

Elements of great geological and environmental value enhance this illuminated trail. Above all, it can be completed with children, adding to the diverse list of family-friendly activities.