Birding in Extremadura’s celestial viewpoints

Are you a birding enthusiast? Do you like astronomy? Well, congratulations. We release a new and surprising publication. It features texts, videos and sounds by Pepe Guisado, (@pajarisiaco) and spectacular illustrations by Agustín Garriga (@agustingarriga_arte), two “out of series” that will delight everyone.

Pepe (pajarisiaco) is one of the best ornithologists in Spain, and a great disseminator of natural life. More than 3 years ago he left everything to dedicate himself entirely to the Defense and Knowledge of the Environment. He lives in Nature, from where he contributes to its defense through the Media on a regular basis, both on Radio and Television. Pepe has done a wonderful job for this book. He has recorded and collected the sounds of the main birds found in the surroundings of our celestial viewpoints, and you can enjoy everything through the QR that you will find among our pages. In addition, each viewpoint has an illustration, both of the viewpoint and of the main birds around it, so the experience is complete.

It should be remembered that promoting the knowledge or discovery of places with a marked natural or scenic character, developing activities in nature, both active (hiking, cycling…) and passive (birding, astro-tourism…) are essential to fight against the abandonment of our villages.

In Extremadura, with a practically unaltered territory, with a great environmental quality and hardly any light pollution… the night takes on a meaning of its own, becoming a paradise for starry sky observation and astronomy enthusiasts. If to all this we add the sounds or the aromas or the tranquility of the night, the experience is even more spectacular. This new publication of Extremadura, buenas nochestries to collect all this, bringing our territory, once again, to those who want to live an authentic experience.

Download here our guide “Birding in the celestial viewpoints of Extremadura“.

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