EBN at the 5th Learning Society Congress

The V Congress of the Extremadura Learning Society will be held on 19 and 20 January. A strategic plan of the Regional Government of Extremadura that is closely linked to Extremadura, good night, not only for the objective it pursues, but also for how it is carried out. Within this V Congress, attendees will be able to enjoy an immersive and creative experience that will highlight the value of our skies.

How can we link such apparently different projects? Society is changing rapidly and constantly. Technological advances force us to adapt permanently and to develop our lifelong learning. Standing still means being left behind and, in a way, “disconnected from today’s reality”.

Science, the basis of this whole transition process, is not only a sum of knowledge, it goes far beyond that: it is also a way of seeing the world, the attitude with which we face it and the way we deal with everyday problems. In this way, building a scientific culture is fundamental for the education of the population and, in particular, of young people, both to be able to understand and participate in the world in which we live, and to encourage us to build the world in which we want to live.

Astronomy offers us, in addition to a science, a knowledge, a real opportunity to change our own lives, our society and, with them, our destiny. A window that allows us to look into the past, to know ourselves better, and at the same time to glimpse the future in which we want to live.

Discovering the sky is one of the most incredible experiences there is. Our admired Mario Roso de Luna said that “astronomy should be a primordial science, if only because we all insistently look at the sky”. A science for which we don’t need instruments or technology, just a suitable place. And Extremadura is it.

As we said at the beginning, Extremadura, buenas noches and the Learning Society share the same goal of transforming our environment, but this is not the only thing, both use the same tools for the construction of the project and apply the same methodologies. Firstly, because it challenges us as human beings, it invites us to act, to make decisions, to educate ourselves, to be aware of the need to protect the starry sky in order to enjoy it, thus activating, first of all, a proactive attitude. Secondly, because in order to disseminate the scientific knowledge that the Universe offers us, as well as to promote its enjoyment, all kinds of experiential activities are developed, based on agile and innovative methodologies, which promote enjoyable and attractive learning, through which essential competences and skills are worked on from an inclusive approach, within the reach of everyone.

As you can see, both strategic projects are worthy of the recognition and awards they are generating, both in Spain and abroad. We are proud of this, but above all because they have been built with our own differentiating resources and on the basis of an approach shared by all the actors.

Download the diptych that will help you to know more about these 2 fantastic projects.

We leave you here the programme of this fantastic Congress.


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