Photographers and bloggers meet in Trujillo

Extremadura’s remarkable natural and cultural heritage is even more seductive after sunset. Under the starlight, the fauna, flora and historical and natural monuments are revealed in a fascinating and, on many occasions, unknown way. The aim of the Meeting of photographers and bloggers and the resulting publication is to show the prodigious clean, bright skies and dazzling constellations, as well as the landscapes and living beings that give the night its magic.

The meeting, held with the collaboration of the Fundación Extremeña de la Cultura, was attended by 120 people and took place on 11 February in the convent of La Coria, in Trujillo, the headquarters of the Xavier de Salas Foundation. The Foundation, which has already organised similar events. The celebration of this Meeting has served as a starting point for the materialisation, a few months later, of a publication whose storyline is the promotion of the values that Extremadura, Buenas Noches . This work will feature the participation of some thirty writers and photographers who will provide a privileged view of different facets of Extremadura’s nights: festivals, itineraries, evening or starry landscapes, twilight or nocturnal fauna, sunrises, monuments and natural spaces in the light of the moon or the stars, etc. In addition, experts of proven solvency will be involved in order to provide the work with greater quality and scope.

With both activities, the Xavier de Salas Foundation aims to contribute to the promotion of Extremadura, buenas noches through the dissemination of the cultural and natural values of Extremadura. Given that the Meeting involves the presence of more than a hundred people dedicated to the dissemination of Extremadura’s natural and cultural heritage, it is estimated to have a potential impact of hundreds of thousands of views on social networks and websites, to which the distribution of the book should be added. The secondary aim is also to promote public participation, foster social and economic development around the tourism sector and disseminate high-quality, up-to-date information on Extremadura’s cultural and environmental values.


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