The project ‘Vivares Buenas Noches’ is born

The cultural and tourist project ‘Vivares Buenas Noches’ is born, with a series of murals that will change as the day gets darker thanks to a special paint. It is an innovative idea in Spain and is part of the ‘Extremadura Buenas Noches’ strategy, which is offering advice and supervision. Eight spaces in the town have been chosen for the project, making Vivares the most magical town in Spain, while raising awareness of the problems of light pollution and providing a totally new experience.

Both the Vivares Town Council and the Provincial Council of Badajoz, which is funding the project, are convinced that this idea is going to be very popular and will attract many visitors, who will also be able to enjoy a privileged setting for observing the starry night sky with the Chozos de la Finca de Doña Blanca, which has a Celestial Viewpoint.

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