Special Xmas programme of “Don Benito, buenas noches”.

From 26th to 30th December, Don Benito (Badajoz) will become the astronomy capital of Extremadura. Exhibitions, conferences and observations will delight all those who want to get a little closer to the mysteries and beauty of the Universe.

Can you imagine knowing first-hand what it was like to land on the Moon? Well, among other talks will be José Manuel Grandela, who among other things has participated in all NASA’s space programmes, manned or not, and was responsible for and a key player in the transmission of the first time man set foot on the Moon. Undoubtedly, an incredible opportunity to hear what Neil Armstrong thought at the time, as Grandela had the pleasure of meeting him.

We will also be able to take a tour of the cave art of Extremadura and its connection with Astronomy. We will learn about the relationship of our ancestors with the sky through “Archaeoastronomy and Archaeology”. We will learn about the resources that our region has for observing the sky….. And you will even be able to enjoy an observation of our celestial vault from the Chozos de la Finca Municipal Doña Blanca.

All these activities and more have been organised by Don Benito Town Council together with the ‘Extremadura, Good Nights’ strategy under its own name, ‘Don Benito, Good Nights’, and are free of charge (with limited capacity). For the observations you will have to register in advance at the Tourist Office.

Here is the programme.

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